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We embed with your organization to lead and drive talent results at scale!
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Needs Assessment

This is the first step in discovery. To ensure we meet your expectations and objectives, we require conversations with key decision makers. During this meeting we will discuss risks, needs, opportunities and align objectives and strategies.

Our approach has proven 5x more successful than legacy recruiting.

Our process is 94% successful versus industry average of 26% for legacy recruiting.

Develop Strategy

This is the time we spend with you on terms, expectations, number of searches, internal versus external integration and project costs.We provide a full proposal, timeline, objectives, cost, expectations, strategy, internal training opportunity for current staff and department leaders so you might not have to use us again….


This is the Market and Talent Research portion. We target an average of 194 persons that meet a 91% match threshold based on information we discover in the intake phase.Research and reports provided:

  • Candidate Target list
  • Comprehensive Market Report
  • Competitive Candidate and Job Market Report (Local,Regional,National)
  • Difficulty of Hiring Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Competitor Directory (Direct/Vertical/Tertiary)


A carefully crafted, multi tiered, highly comprehensive outreach is launched on behalf of our client. This is where our unique approach accompanied with our research has resulted in better, more aligned, interested talent for our clients.Branding, Engagement, Candidate Experience, Outreach,etc

We have achieved:

  • Up to 79% response rate from our approach.
  • Up to 74% initial interest from targeted candidate.
  • We were able to achieve less than 43 days running average for leadership!
  • Our approach resulted in a 31% submission to hire rate average.
  • Our approach resulted in an 89% candidate retention over 48 months.


We tell your story of the company, opportunity and leadership and paint a picture of why you are the employer to consider.

We make sure they are happy and engaged regardless if they are active candidates that applied to a job or a highly confidential, recruited candidate that is being courted.


We present updated real-time compensation direct from the persons that are currently operating in similar roles you are attempting to attract.We report on all findings, obstacles, rejections, concerns and how your company is perceived by others. (This is critical and valuable actionable intelligence).

We make any corrective actions and adjustments to the search and candidate targets if necessary.

We coordinate confidential meetings, inquiries and interview schedules to ensure the candidates have a positive experience regardless of outcome.

Our strategy, approach, speed and process is unique and will be discussed before any search is conducted.


We create and provide a timeline that averages 43 days for completion of the search and a step by step process to review, assess, rank and interview candidates in order to get to the selection of the final chosen candidate.This is custom to each client and we create step by step process to provide guidance and support at all stages.

We encourage you to reach out to improve your company value, position and success.