A Simpler Solution for critical hires

Future CEO

You provide the ability and we provide the strategy and funding!
F utur e CE O 1 Step


As an Industry Executive, you are aware of Companies that YOU could grow.
You have the Leadership, Desire, Vision, Targets, Strategy.We partner with select persons that are industry leaders interested and confident in themselves.Executive Leadership and equity ownership.We provide full support from target identification, engagement, negotiation, funding, closing and operational support.You have the talent, we have the funding.


We spend the time to discover your expertise and value.We discuss wants, needs, timeline, industry, locations,etc


We create a comprehensive strategy, industry targets, overview, process, timeline, relationship and probability and share with you.


We conduct a full proprietary outreach as partners and review/evaluate all opportunities, strategies, risks.


Once identified and reviewed (up to 100 deals on occasions). We engage and walk through the evaluation, interest, alignment, LOI, due diligence, risk, etc to improve a successful acquisition and owner transition.


We have secured funding from highly select family offices, private wealth and private equity that we are investors in ourselves.We have 100% success in funding the deal.


We work through all deal, diligence, closing, equity negotiations on your behalf to include compensation, bonus. Support with transition and risk analysis of current staff, growth and objectives.Never go it alone!

We encourage you to reach out to improve your company value, position and success.