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Candidate Validation

Ensure your internal candidate is the right candidate!
Candidate Validation 1 Step


As a CEO, Board member, Leader it is your direct responsibility to ensure the right person is in the right role and that they are supported with the best direction to meet objectives of the company, department and group.If you only promote from within you only get what you know or “hear” about other companies.

Don’t put your head in the sand. Your competitors AREN’T

We want to ensure your internal promotion is the correct person and has the best up to date information to position them for success.

We will provide some insight and opportunities that will be invaluable regardless.

*Risks- Don’t post the job/ Don’t tell them they are not ready/ Don’t give them an indication they are not the one! (it’s not their fault you didn’t train, develop and coach them! It’s yours!) Hard to hear isn’t it.



Our approach is simple, clean, confidential and efficient.We validate your internal candidate by reaching out and interviewing your competitors and others that are directly aligned to the role.

You get best practices, current compensation and even intelligence.

This will give you 100% assurance to either promote or pursue external and also set up clear path for either to be successful.

By having us conduct this, the internal candidate is engaged and will not become upset by potentially being rejected. They won’t go to your competitor and we keep that engagement!


We identify competitors, of interest local, regional and national and provide you with complete dataset of all


We interview and profile key and discover interest, alignment and skills.We interview internal also as part of the company responsibilities.


We then rank and profile each (including internal) against balanced scorecard and can include assessments to ensure you are making the correct and best decision and derisk the unknowns on your selection.


Present our findings, candidates, interest, overview and discuss real options


You review data provided, options and consideration and we help plan to reduce risk.You make an educated, balanced, unbiased decision on what is best for the company with our support.

We encourage you to reach out to improve your company value, position and success.