Cum More Pills d, moreover, that he could not go on shore until the King had sent hostages for his safety. Now, as was afterwards ascertained, a large number of wealthy Moors resided Cum More Pills in Calecut, who had got the entire trade of the country into their hands. They were Mohammedans, and by means of their wealth had won over a large number of the common people to their faith. They, on hearing of the arrival of the Portuguese, at once became jealous lest the new comers should take the trade Cum More Pills from them, and therefore resolved by every artful means Cum More Pills to defeat their object, by representing to the King that they were spies, Cum More Pills come to gain Cum More Pills information about the land possess themselves of it. For this purpose the Moors had won over the chief ministers of the King to favour their designs, though the liberality exhibited by the Portuguese had at the first gained his good will. Before going on shore himself, the Captain Cum More Pills Major sent Davane, accompanied by Joab da Cum More Pills Nunez, one of the convicts, a Christian and a man of talent, who could speak Arabic and Hebrew, and also understood the Moorish language, although he could not speak it, that he might go to the city and ascertain the way

of transacting business he was ordered to buy only provisions, while he listened to what was said without speaking himself. On reaching the shore the two were so mobbed that they had great difficulty in making their way, until an officer stamina pills for sex appeared, who took them under his Cum More Pills charge, and compelled the peopl. e to move aside so that they could pass through rhino 5k male enhancement Cum More Pills the streets. The officer invited them to his house, and on Cum More Pills their way they encountered a man clothed as a Moor, but who addressed them in Castilian, and requested them to come to his house, which they obtained permission from the officer to do. The seeming Cum More Pills Moor gave them a brief outline of his history. He was, he said, a native of Seville, but that when new dimensions male enhancement a boy he was made a prisoner, and after having served many masters, had obtained his freedom. Although he Cum More Pills had all the time, he averred, pretended to be a Moor, he Cum More Pills was still at heart a Christian. On hearing the account he gave male enhancement compare of himself, Joab Nunez invited him off to see the Captain Major, and the next king size male enhancement pills side effects day he made his appearance on board. He then acknowledged that his object had at first been to betray the Portuguese. but on Cum More Pills entering the cabin his heart had

Cum More Pills

been changed, and his great desire was Cum More Pills now to serve them. He warned them of the treachery intended them by the Moors, and offered to go on shore to obtain all the information he could, so as to give it to them. At a council held soon after by the three Captains, Paulo and Nicolas Coelho entreated Vasco da Gama not to go on shore, as he would hazard his life but he replied that he had resolved to do so in the service of the Cum More Pills King Cum More Pills that his life he did not value, and that should he be killed, they must make the best of their way back to Portugal with the account of their important discovery. He consented, however, before he went himself, to send Nicolas Coelho to obtain an audience of the King, and to Cum More Pills ascertain his feelings towards the Portuguese. Accordingly he got ready the pr.esents intended for his Majesty, and ordered twelve of the best looking of his men, handsomely dressed, to accompany the brave captain. The presents consisted of a piece of the finest scarlet cloth, one Cum More Pills of crimson velvet, and another of yellow satin, a chair covered with brocade and studded with silver gilt nails, a cushion of crimson satin with tassels of golden thread, a smaller

one of red satin for the feet to rest on, a hand basin can i take male enhancement pills from one country to another and ewer chased and gilt, a splendid gilt mirror, fifty scarlet caps, and fifty sheathed knives with ivory handles gilt. These things being Cum More Pills arranged, were placed in napkins on the Cum More Pills deck. The Nair, who soon afterwards came on board, greatly admired them, and intimated that the King was ready to receive the ambassador. On this Nicolas Coelho, accompanied by the twelve men in rich costum. es, at once went on shore, and, surrounded by the people, proceeded to Cum More Pills the palace. He, however, amazon kingsize male enhancement was not received that evening, and was compelled to take up his abode in the best male girth enhancement house of one of the natives, where he was but meanly entertained. During the night the Castilian came and warned him not to grow angry with these delays, as he was thus treated in order to Cum More Pills make him lose his Cum More Pills temper. Following this advice, he the next morning pretended to be quite at his ease. At length, when the overseer appeared, Nicolas Coelho requested that a boat might be prepared to take him back to the ship. Seeing that he was not to be put out of temper, Cum More Pills the male stamina enhancement exercise overseer at last last longer pill consented to introduce him to the King, whom he found seated in a sum