Our Search Process

Overview and Process

American Career Search,Inc. is built on long-term relationships — we understand our clients' needs and present qualified professionals to fulfill those needs. We credit the firm's many years of continued success on our strategic approach to recruiting, our commitment to personal service, and the expertise of our Search Professionals
With strong values, collaboration and a culture of excellence. We strive to be the best rather than the biggest. Our emphasis is always on outcome. Our focus is providing unmatched client service, top candidates and retaining our clients as business partners in the long term, because we deliver a quality experience.

Our Approach
Each assignment is lead by a seasoned Search Consultant in every facet of the search, from client orientation and position specification development, to designing a search that is tailored to each client’s needs, to recruiting, assessing, and negotiating with candidates. We develop collaborative and close working relationships with our clients and stay with them every step of the way until the search is complete and then continue a relationship with the candidate and the client company for years to come
Since our firm’s inception we have been making a significant impact on businesses, careers and the lives of others. We take these responsibilities seriously, adhering to a strict code of professional ethics and handling our relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues with discretion and great care.

Resources and Technologies

We have one of the largest referral networks in the industry ensuring quick access to the best candidates. We have a very large database of candidates and contacts that has been created from our years of recruiting. We also are part of a very select Recruiting Network with over 1,000 recruiters and immediate access to hundreds of thousands of recruited candidates only a click away while maintaining client confidentiality. This unique tool allows you a “One person contact” with access to 100,000+ recruited candidates not available on Resume Banks. American Career Search,Inc. uses numerous continuous advertising campaigns, databases and other tools to include the largest directory of companies in the USA. With our industry experienced and trained Search Consultants we are able to identify top candidates for our clients in a short time period using these resources and direct recruiting campaigns. We budget almost $100k annually on these resources so you don’t have to.


First, we obtain detailed knowledge of your organization and culture. We make sure we understand your current organizational priorities and business climate as well as the competitive environment. We work closely with you to develop a profile of your ideal candidate: this profile includes not only a detailed position description but also an analysis of the personal characteristics and attributes necessary for success in your company environment. For retained or Executive Search we document all of this information in a detailed proposal.


Once we've agreed on the position requirements, we begin the search process by identifying appropriate industries and functions where we expect to locate individuals with the required skills and experience. Interested candidates are evaluated and assessed for overall appropriateness and fit.


Next, we meet with you to discuss the range of candidates and their suitability. We evaluate all potential candidates based off a complex formula that includes your requirements, relocation preferences and numerous other metrics.


Once we identify the qualified and interested candidates we will present the top candidates for your review. We try to present only the  top three to five candidates, we provide you with a career history and a detailed interview assessment on each prospect. Each candidate we present will be, in our opinion, fully capable of carrying out the position's responsibilities in a superior manner.


Once the finalist candidate has been selected, we are available to assist in negotiations and the final offer — our impartial third-party status allows us to facilitate the negotiation process in this sometimes-sensitive area. We maintain regular contact with you and the successful candidate to ensure the transition process goes smoothly and that you are completely satisfied with the new hire.

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